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The Story

It was one of those quiet moments, rare in a fast-paced world, when the paths of Mariano Rinaldi Goñi and the Solís Family crossed– culminating in something no one could have foreseen. After several creative meetings between them, the project was formed in 2012 named as “La Única”. They developed the first blend of which today we are delighted to present the fourth edition.

Individual Labels

Each label is painted by hand, as in the previous edition, by Mariano Rinaldo Goñi, an Argentinean artist who lives in Berlin.

The creative name of “La Única” was an idea of the artist who propose in its first edition of 600 bottles a unique and exclusive label painted by hand.

The following editions, Rinaldi designed new labels carefully choosing the color, which for this fifth edition will be ochre, and will see the light with a limited edition of 15,000 bottles and that will be marketed at the end of 2023.


To create this exceptional wine, it goes through five tasting phases to reach the optimal result. In the initial phase, between 15 and 20 different wines are selected.

La Única is a result of an exhaustive selection of different tempranillos tasted and analyzed by a team of 32 tasters of national and international prestige

The tasting of the 5th edition was held in Spain at the Pagos del Rey Winery and Museum in Toro. Among the most notable figures to mention and thank for the presence of Philippa Carr MW, David Schwarzwalder, Begoña Jovellar, Antonio Candelas and Antonio Tomás Palacios.