Tinta de Toro, a grape full of character

Tinta de Toro

Tinta de Toro is a Spanish grape variety grown in the region of Toro (Zamora). Its origins date back to Romans times around 2nd century b.C.

After the plague of philoxere, in the 19th century, Spanish vineyards were re-converted. However, Tinta de Toro managed to survive this disease and today there are vines with more than 150 years.

It is a strong and resistant grape against the winter ice, with early maturation and a vigourous plant with compact bunches, of a medium size, with grains of a colour black- bluish.

The severe climate and the dry and stone soils provide a particular strength and elegance to grapes.

As a curiosity, the wine made of Tinta de Toro was the drink chosen for Christopher Columbus´ trip to America. Fray Diego de Deza, original from Toro and private confessor of Elizabeth the Queen (Isabel la Catolica), knew about the properties of this wine (strong alcoholic content and a great capacity for lasting) and chose it for the trip of Columbus to the “Indies”.

In fact, due to the great amount of red wine, one of the ships was named “La Pinta”, because the cellars of the ship were full of this red wine.

Nowadays, the autochthonous grapes Tinta de Toro has its own appellation (DO Toro). The wines are appreciated by their quality, balance, mild acidity, intense ruby colour, and delicate aromas of berries.