Seven reasons why drinking wine in moderation is good for your health


Wine has a lot of positive qualities beneficial for our health. Always in moderation, and with a good meal, wine has a lot of advantages for us. There are hundreds of research studies from many universities and well- known institutes devoted to the advantages of moderate consumption of wine. Maybe you are familiar with this advice, but here is a list of reasons why drinking a glass of wine every day is a healthy habit:

1. Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has published that wine helps to burn fat. Thanks to wine, our body avoid the formation of fat cells and moves the existent ones.

2. Do you have sleeping problems? Have a glass of wine during dinner, so melatonin in wine helps to control the biological rhythm.

3. Wine is an ingredient for a healthy and balanced diet. Wine consumption is linked to fruit, vegetables, low fat and protein – rich meats, cheese….All these food, with a glass of wine, enable a good digestion and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Do you want to protect your defense system of colds and flu? The antioxidant power of melatonin helps to reinforce your defenses.

5. When you eat meals, especially oily and intense flavours, wine cleans your palate and helps to taste better the food. This is highly recommended with red meat.

6. Wine protect against heart diseases, thanks to the poliphenols located in the skins and seeds of the grapes.

7. For men over 40, the regular and moderate wine consumption, reduce in half the risk to suffer from prostate cancer.